Italian Particle Clarification Pronouns
Ne parlo spesso.
Ne Of it, from it, about it, from there
Parlo I talk
Spesso Often
Meaning: I often talk about it.
Ci andiamo domani.
Ci There, to it, about it, on it
Andiamo We go
Domani Tomorrow
Meaning: We go there tomorrow.
Vi vedo.
Vi You all (direct object)
Vedo See
Meaning: I see you all.
Si lava.
Si Himself/Herself, each other
Lava Washes
Meaning: He/She washes himself/herself.
Li vedo.
Li Them (masculine or mixed)
Vedo See
Meaning: I see them.
Gli do il libro.
Gli To them (masculine)
Do I give
Il libro The book
Meaning: I give the book to them.
Ce l'ho.
Ce It (emphasizing presence or possession)
L'ho I have it (contraction of "lo ho")
Meaning: I have it.