Italian Reflexive Verbs and Examples
Reflexive Verb Meaning
alzarsi to get up
lavarsi to wash oneself
vestirsi to dress oneself
svegliarsi to wake up
pettinarsi to comb one's hair
divertirsi to have fun
riposarsi to rest
sentirsi to feel
chiamarsi to be called (name)
innamorarsi to fall in love
addormentarsi to fall asleep
arrabbiarsi to get angry
dimenticarsi to forget
ricordarsi to remember
mettersi to put on (clothes)
trovarsi to find oneself (location)
Article Meaning Example Translation
mi myself Mi lavo I wash myself
ti yourself Ti svegli presto You wake up early
si himself/herself Si veste He/She dresses
ci ourselves Ci vediamo domani We see ourselves tomorrow
vi yourselves Vi divertite alla festa You all have fun at the party
si themselves Si addormentano subito They fall asleep immediately
Mi lavo.
Mi Myself
Lavo I wash
Meaning: I wash myself.
Ti svegli presto.
Ti Yourself
Svegli You wake up
Presto Early
Meaning: You wake up early.
Si veste.
Si Himself/Herself
Veste Dresses
Meaning: He/She dresses himself/herself.
Ci vediamo domani.
Ci Ourselves
Vediamo We see
Domani Tomorrow
Meaning: We see ourselves tomorrow.
Vi divertite alla festa.
Vi Yourselves
Divertite Have fun
Alla festa At the party
Meaning: You all have fun at the party.
Si addormentano subito.
Si Themselves
Addormentano Fall asleep
Subito Immediately
Meaning: They fall asleep immediately.